Friday, June 1, 2012


Good morning 1/6/2012,

I thank God for the past six months that He had given to me.

I thank you God  that for the past six months, I have not been unwell, of course not counting those pains and aches as my body yielded itself to the natural process of aging. In fact after a long hiatus, I am bringing out my leotards again to give an aerobic class come Monday,  as my friend (the instructor) will be going for her medical check up. She had been unwell for the past week and pray that it is nothing serious.

I thank you God for the providence through this past six months.  No, I did not win any contest or any lottery or windfall but I am glad that I was able to travel for short holidays with my son and daughters to Hongkong and  Taiwan and my sisters to Guangzhou. I thank you for these holidays that had brought the relationships closer and widen our horizons to look beyond ourselves.

I thank you God for your protection everyday past and coming six months.  When I read about the accidents, murders and suicides, I know You are with me and my family. It's your protection that had prevent the puppies from becoming victims of the virus attack at the pet  shop. 

Yes, half a year had gone by and these are some of the blessings in my life that I had been through and I am looking forward to the next 6 months and more  Him by my side.

Last night we celebrated my sister-in-law Evon's birthday.  I think it is nice if  your birthday falls on the last day of the half year.  A reminder  to reflect on what you have done and achieved for the past  6 months and to look forward to more achievements for the coming 6 months in the year.

We went for dinner at the Big Tree Lin Kee at Taman Connaught.  I saw the blog by Eat your Heart Out and was curious to try the dishes recommended by her.  I mean to go back to the same place round 2 and 3 the food must be good then.

So inspite of the heavy thunderstorm, we were there at round 7.00 pm.  The place is easy to locate and there is ample parking along the roads.  This place occupies 2 shoplots and is therefore spacious. Service was prompt and we ordered most of their specialities recommended.
Maybe we were early and did not have to wait long as the food was served shortly around 7.15 pm.  

Deep Fried mantis prawns (lai niu har)- there seems to be  more batter than prawns.  These are coated with salted egg yolks.

Must order: Speciality Crispy Fried Taufoo

I think the combination of fish paste and taufoo is well balanced and very delicious

Must, must order: Clams in broth - strong aroma of "tong kwai"  and very tasty soup, the clams were "meaty" enough and fresh. We cannot wait for them to get us the small bowl and just dig in. The broth remains clear to the last drop. Forgot to ask what's the secret there because when I tried to cook this the last time, the broth turned grey towards the end of the meal.

 Fried Kangkong belacan- not too spicy for everybody.

This is Steamed Fish Head with Preserved Black beans.  This shop must be a branch of the Chan Sow Lin Steamed Fish Head.  The "soong" fish head is tender and succulent with "muddy" smell at all. The whif of the cooking wine does wonders to the dish.

Hmm.. we got a free bonus - tiny tiny baby crab with the clams!

We also has a order  Crispy Fried Chicken Wing - another house speciality. These have been marinated with fermented beancurd "nam yue" and deep fried and yet tender inside.       
As this branch is newly opened, they are offering free tea (self service).
Food portions are just right and reasonably priced as the above meal costs RM98.00 for 7 persons.

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