Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Having a big family like mine means there will be always happy celebrations throughout the year, be it birthdays and of course weddings. Just a week after the 3 birthdays celebration, we had a wedding in the family.

Our (I mean, my siblings and mine) kids are growing up and weddings are most welcome with everyone chirping in with the preparation and the inevitable and (often not ask for) advices! So we have learnt to let the happy couple decide on their own wedding plans and we help to carry it out with minimal fuss and maximum effort.

My nephew Kenny got married on 6/11/2011.

For his pre-wedding night dinner buffet and/or bachelor's night and/or "hair combing" ceremony, I made my Chicken and Potato Tarts.

I had infact spent almost a whole day earlier of the week to pre-bake the pie shells. These were then kept frozen till I require them.
Greasing the tarts cases.

I made 5 lots (around 500 gm each) of the short crust pastry. Let them rest in the fridge before using it.

Filling the tarts cases with pastry.

The tarts are then blind baked and cooled and frozen till needed.

Ingredients for the fillings included: chicken thigh fillets (cubed) and frozen mixed vegetables cooked in a bechamel sauce and carbonara sauce. Cooled and then filled into the pre-baked cases on the day before the dinner.

I had also cooked the potato topping earlier in the morning. Mashed potato seasoned with sour cream, salt and pepper are then piped on top the filling.

The tarts are then baked for just around 10 minutes to brown the top.
The centre of my oven is hotter than the sides, hence the uneven browning.
My sister Vicky who came back from Australia for the wedding also helped to prepare a Tuna Pasta Bake with Cheese topping.

Tuna Pasta Bake with Cheese topping.

The "hair combing" ceremony began at around 11.30 pm.

The parents "combing" the hair whilst reciting the three specific wishes-

1. a happy marriage everlasting

2. a happy marriage together till hair has grown grey

3. a happy marriage filled with children and grandchildren.

Sweet Glutionous Rice Balls were then served to symbolise sweetness for the couple.

Can someone tell me what these symbolises?

My eldest brother told us that the long ruler used in the above (sorry not in the picture) symbolises that in our life we must be upright and have good characteristics/principles in our lives. Well, thank God so far in our family I can honestly say, every members are just that.

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