Sunday, October 9, 2011


I like Yam Mooncake in particular one brand of Yam Mooncake but the price keep escalating each year. Since I was busy making the Shanghai mooncakes this year, I did not get any Yam Mooncake.

So even though the festival is over, I decided to make them myself.

And I am trying them with the flaky pastry.

The water dough on the left and right is the oil dough with a mere hint of purple colour.

After wrapping and rolling both the dough together.

Roll each piece into round - can see the swirls

After baking - cannot really see the layers from the outside.

But inside it's a different story- can see the layers of the flaky, crisp pastry.

I cooked the yam paste myself. I don't know whether its the texture of the yam as I know that I should use one particular type of yam, its was very soft and sticky. I try adding some custard powder and hence the yellowish hint. However overall the taste is delicious- soft and creamy.

Verdict: will try to perfect this mooncake for next year.

Recipe adapted from"The Nasi Lemak Lover" blog.

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