Sunday, October 9, 2011


A tiny, noisy and tick-infected stray that came into our lives three months ago. He just walked through the gate after I fed him. His hair was all matted and smelly. Maybe he knows that food is alway available here, love and care will be given freely here and most important he will have a shelter from the rain and shine.

The first thing I did was to give him a bath to get rid of the smell and dirt. No matter how many ticks/flea, I pluck from his body, there were many more sticking on.!

After a bath and being shorn clean of all his hair. Can see all his bones !

He had a mild skin infection and he was so skinny. He looked like a pig with long snout and hence the name CHU-CHU. He would come running when his name is called.

So he just sort of stayed on.

After 3 months, happy and boisterous.

However after a fight with my other dog Toto, it's impossible to bring him and Toto together and even when they see each other, they would bark at each non-stop.

So when my neighbour wanted to take him home, I decide to let him go.

I hope and pray that he will have a good future with his new family.

Anyway, it is my neighbour, so I will still get to see him each day.

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