Sunday, October 16, 2011


Kenny and Nicol House warming.

When the young generation started to move into their own houses, we know that we will soon be facing the empty nest syndrome.

This is a good sign - that they are capable to buy their house and ready to have their own family.

My nephew Kenny will be getting married next month.

Today both of them are ready to shift into their own condominium. The Chinese will always have a "housewarming" ceremony before shifting into the house.

So we had a lunch to celebrate the happy occasion.

I baked some CORN MUFFINS as dessert for the lunch. Everyone asked "Kenny Rogers?"

Almost similar as I had substituted ground almonds instead of cornmeal which I did not have.

Besides, I also cooked some Yong Tau Foo- stuffed variety of vegetables in bean paste sauce. Chan Family style and everybody favourite. Only problem was the tau foo pok was a bit under cooked and hence the fish paste turned soft.

My brother's grandchildren, pretty little Chloe and brother Chester- all ready for the swimming pool.

The open concept kitchen with a big island. I like the red, black, white and grey tiles. I love the spacious kitchen.

The decor is done Baliness style. The innovative bride had added some sparkle to the embossed wallpaper- by sticking on "diamond", cannot see very well from the photo. Big comfy sofa.

It is breezy and relaxing to sit back in the balcony and enjoy the view overlooking the swimming pool.

Even Lui-Lui their dog enjoy this view.
The view from the washing area at the back. Make the condo very well ventilated.

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