Sunday, February 25, 2018


16/2/2018 & 17/2/2018
My little Princess wishing everyone a Happy New Year 

Everyday  a fresh blessing from the Lord.. 

This year, Esther and myself took the MRT down to Petaling Street for shopping and bought these beautiful peonies and some peach flower (artificial ones of course!) to lend more a festive mood.  But definitely the festive mood became more happier when gifts started appearing....hahaha.  Wait must be thinking "what has Haagen Dazs to do with Chinese New Year?"...well it was an ice cream birthday cake for me from my big princess here....thanks girls, even though to confess I did not enjoy it much as I was not feeling well that day, so may I repeat my order for Mother's Day in advance?   

It's the DOG's year ... must have photo first with them.
In fact,  we had an eventful New Year's eve indeed.  Blackie (female and 3-legged as well) suddenly went berserk and attacked Juju (senior male dog) and got him on his throat!!!! And for a moment we thought that's the end of Juju...he was lying so still.  But thank God, he's alive, he was so badly bitten only that we had to board him at the vet for observation.  And both of them were good partners together harassing Toto whenever he ventures outside the house, ...can't imagine what was wrong with Blackie.   And the same scenario happened again on the 9th day! 

Naughty Blackie.

the big princesses....
1st Day - this year the celebrations were at my second brother's house.

The Chan Clan wishing everyone a Happy and healthy CNY

My dear sisters in Malaysia

2nd  generation Chan Clan...

Tucking in the delicious vegetarian dish and the spicy soup cooked by my sister...

some candid shoots 

2nd Day - 
With Phow-Phow...very manja...

My sleeping partner, Bibi... 

2nd day of new year ."back to mother's house for dinner".

Was informed by my sister Yoke much later that the total number of dishes was 10 ...perfect number in Chinese...

Happy New Year and Good Health to Aunty.

JuJu's bodyguard when he came back from the vet... 


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your Chan clan. It's nice and warm to see a big living family with the good bonding.

    1. The best week of the year, not the winning or losing at mahjong table but the fun of laughing and playing together.

  2. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family...

  3. Elaine, your daughter is sooo super cute.....;)
    Anyway, happy belated CNY.. Have a pawsperous one!

    1. Alexa my grand-daughter hehehe sudah jadi nenek!
      Thank you.