Monday, June 5, 2017



I know its not a weekend, but since I was on leave on Friday, baked/made these yummy treats ready for our getaway weekend

Mango Sticky Rice with coconut sauce
Mango season ending and we still have not eaten enough of them..... 

Again baked Korean bread, this time added a sprinkling of cashew nut parmesan cheese pesto which May brought back from Australia. Definitely more savory and yummy too. 
a very dense fudgy chocolate cream cheese brownie, using the bit of remaining cream cheese ... 

As we were away for a 2d/1n retreat, the dogs also went for their short staycation ...

Juju go gai-gai.... look at his deep concentration. 

Blackie -big happy smile enjoying the drive ....seemed to enjoy car drive and nowadays whenever we came back, she quickly jump into the car and run all over for the fun of it before jumping down again... aiya one of these days, she will break her only leg ..naughty girl.  

so with all the dogs are away, the cat (BiBi) can come out to play... 

sweet fresh figs from Sarah...

My first present from darling little Alexa... 
So glad that the parents are taking her to church and doing this beautiful handicraft...when her father and aunties were small, they also attended the carpenter's workshop (it was called then) while we were in the service and till today, I still have those lovely cards and handicrafts around.  


  1. I like that photo of mango sticky rice. I thought it looked like a summer hat from the screen of my phone!
    It is nice that you love dogs like your family and take them for vacations. They know your kindness and will report to the heavens when the time comes.

  2. Must improve my food styling then hahaha. Just doing when I can for the doggies.