Thursday, June 18, 2015



It was raining early in the morning... and the best place is ...... not the bed for me, but my warm kitchen.
So started my baking marathon early since  I could not take the doggies for their walk after feeding them.

I had made some pandan paste last week and now's the time to use them.

First,  a Pandan Chiffon Cake.

This Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe use pandan paste and coconut milk.... it definitely smell wonderful and taste delicious too except the bottom or the top of the cake was a bit wet ... maybe due to the condensation.  I also realise that there is another version without using coconut milk just pandan paste.... will try this the next time.   

I also made this Pandan Loaf  with fig jam.  Recipe adapted from Honey Bee Sweet's blog.

Pandan dough after first proof.   The dough use the pre-fermented dough (overnight) mixed with the main dough  method. I divide the dough into 200gm each and rest them for 20 minutes before shaping.    

Roll out  first layer and spread with fig jam..(homemade from Korea ...still taste very good)

roll out second layer and spread with salted butter. 

place the buttered side of the 2nd layer on top of the first layer. 

next spread fig jam on top of the 2nd layer. 
Roll out the 3rd layer and spread with salted butter

place the buttered side of the 3rd layer on top of the dough ie 3 layers of on top of each other
use sharp knife to cut into 3 strips 
and pleat it neatly and seal the ends. 

place into baking tin and let proof second time for around 1 hour or till double ... 
mine almost overflow the tin! 

Bake at 170 C till golden brown 
I like to brush the crust with butter when removed from the oven.
This keeps the crust soft and give a shiny glaze.
Remove from tin and cool.

 Last week, when I baked the quiche and Sarah baked her Lemon Tart, we both had leftover of the pastry.
Thaw them out from the freezer and I baked my first Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart.   

While the tart shell was baking, I cooked the salted caramel..... I prefer a light yellow colour so that can distinguish the different layers of caramel and chocolate.   

Spread the salted caramel on bottom of cool tart shell. 
I then put the tart into the fridge so that the salted caramel is set while I made the chocolate ganache. 

Fill the tart with the chocolate ganache and bake for about 10-15 minute till set but the center is slightly  wobbly... it will set as it cool. 

Sinfully very rich but taste yum!

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