Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Cold Soba Noddles for Mother's Day dinner cooked by Sarah. 
Totally refreshing in the hot weather but equally heart warming!

Still on the thread that homemade is the best,  I baked a Mushroom and Spinach Galette for dinner last week for Sarah and myself.

I had recently suggested to Sarah that since Earth Day happen to fall on her birthday, maybe we should consider eating less meat.  So we agreed or rather I make the decision that we go on Meatless Monday and hopefully, we can contribute to reduce our carbon imprint on this earth.

The recipe was adapted from NoDesserts.

I had prepared the short crust pastry over the weekend.  Instead of rubbing all the butter into the flour, I have decided to leave some bits and pieces instead.    Thought that would make the pastry a bit crispier/flaky and it certainly  did!.

To make the filling:-
1.  Spinach has been blanched and dropped into icy water and then drain and squeeze dry. This can be done beforehand and kept frozen till needed.
2.   Chopped the spinach  and saute with butter and olive oil.
3.  Season lightly with salt and dash of lemon juice.
4.   Dish up and set aside
 5.  Saute diced onion till soft.
6.   Add fresh sliced mushroom and splash some white wine and let it cook till soft
7.   Return the spinach and mix together
8.   lastly add some cream and adjust seasoning to taste.

To Assemble:

Roll out the pastry in a circle- pastry must be quite thin.
Add some breadcrumbs to the Mushroom and spinach mixture
I also added some pine nuts or any other chopped nuts (optional)
Spoon the fillings in the centre of the pastry, leaving around 1" around
Gently pleat the pastry to envelope the fillings. Egg wash the pastry
Bake for 15-20 minutes in pre-heated oven 180C till golden brown.