Tuesday, May 7, 2013


She is a feisty  95 years old grand lady.  Her face maybe lined yet it mirror only the gentleness of her character and complacent nature.  And she can still play a mean game of mahjong too!

Surrounded by children and grandchildren.

The first plate was so charmingly called "Love Steps" combination. "Love Steps" as in TVB drama about the love that binds a couple together.

Their signature  Roasted Suckling pig- a business empire which my deceased uncle started.

It was definitely a grand feast-there were tender braised baby abalone from South Africa each, flavourful braised dried scallops,  soft and collagenous (mine own word) braised Fish Maws, springy  braised sea cucumbers, fresh succulent steamed "Soon Hock" fish and not forgetting those heart-warming  bowls of Double Boiled Sharkfins Soup- another plus for all the collagen that ladies needed (ok men too)!.
I do need this photo for my further reference. This was done so professionally.
You can see my previous post on making this Birthday Buns :D.

May God Bless you with many more healthy years!


  1. Ooo...I always wondering how the 'Love Steps' dish look like. Now I know..thanks for sharing with us.

    Happy Birthday to your aunty,