Monday, October 8, 2012


After the past hectic weekends, it is time to relax.

Stop and smell the roses.

Was surprised to see this beautiful bloom.  I have been neglecting my garden recently but instead of showing their dissatisfaction, they happily reward me with this exceptional burst of colours! Like the mooncakes - "7 stars surround the Moon"(Chat Sing Pun Yuet), this is "5 Lucky Stars bring Happiness" (Ng Fook Lam Moon). haha.

Also prepare breakfast for my daughters- kopitiam style!.

Brought out my "Old china" tea set.

Coffee (3-1 Chek Lup's brand coffee); half boiled eggs (using that pot that makes perfectly half-boiled eggs all the time); toast with kaya and butter- only at Elaine's Coffee shop! for less than half the amount that you have to pay elsewhere!.

After breakfast, it is time to drain the rice wine.  This has been fermenting for around 1 month. 

You can see the clear yellow rice wine.

Hurray- if I may say so, they are good this time- sweet and slightly alcoholic.   However I can only get 2 big bottles and half a small bottle.  I have made another batch immediately and hopefully  it will be ready by the time my niece give birth later this month.  

Talking about wine- I had planned to go for the Oktoberfest.  But was feeling too lazy to join the crowds at IUtama besides the weather was so hot over the weekend.  This mug was given by my nephew.
Maybe next year .....God's willing..

This is Steamed Chicken with the red yeast rice lees which I had made previously.  I had also tried with the Steamed fish.  You just a rice wine aroma but can hardly taste the alcohol. I have yet to use it for baking goods.
It had been a good relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Greeting from Australia! I came from Singapore and love my breakfast with the typical kopitiam style...

    Now following your blog and hope to cook or bake with you via blogging :D


    1. Hi, Zoe,
      Thank you for dropping by. Have fun

  2. I'd love to make my own rice wine one day! Yours looks fantastic! :D

  3. Thanks you, this one was really good (blowing my own trumpet for this one only)! haha

  4. i need to look for the old kopitiam cups, mainly for me to take photo purposes, hahaha..

  5. Good morning, Ms Sonia, I got my set at the old shop at the corner nearby Central Market.