Thursday, October 4, 2012


Pretty in pink: The National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur aglow in pink and will remain so in that colour until the end of October.
Pretty in Pink. It will remain in this colour until end of October.  (Picture taken from The Star).

For the month of October it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The  Pink Ribbon Charity Walk in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and an illumination of an iconic building in pink took place last weekend.   This year the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk took place on 29/9/2012 at the Pusat Sains Negara.

Pusat Sain Negara  in green before the illumination.

My daughter Sarah joined me for the 3.5km walk on that breezy evening, though the dark clouds were looming in sky.   We reached the venue after a small mishap of losing our way and collected our T-shirts for the walk.  There were free drinks of iced milo and cereals to sustain our energy for the walk. 

The BCWA has also set up their mobile clinic for breast screening.

Free face painting by Estee Lauder - we have  it painted our hands instead.

The theme Courage and Pink Ribbons were seen everywhere.
There is also a Cheerleaders performance.

Up Up and away!

What does ladies in pink and macho men on bikes have in common?

Yes- Charity- for RM20.00 you get a ride on a Harley Davidson and let your hair fly in the air while they take up and around the vicinity. You can pick your choice of the drivers too! haha

I just prefer a picture with cutie! There were canopy sales of Estee Lauder merchandise, t-shirts as well as the BWCA shoppe.  Sarah got herself 2 pairs of socks from the BCWA shoppe.

Soon it is warming up time - Jazzercise !

It is not Gangnam style but we enjoyed the dance/aerobics routine!

The crowds waiting eagerly for the signal  to start.

Hoot ....and away we walk ....
and walk and walk 

Yes, I did it! 3.5 km within half an hour.

Went to collect our goodies bag- a cotton tote bag with a miniature gift from Estee Lauder.   We did not stayed for illumination of the building  which start at 7.30pm.  By the time we went up to get our car we met  the last group of participants returning.. haha.

With all the calories burnt and the rumbling in our stomach, it was time to reload.   On the way home, we dropped by the Viva Shopping Mall in Cheras.  This is my first visit  and I discovered that there are a few specialised shops in kitchen ware.  Definitely my type of shopping but being rush for time (my hungry doggies are waiting for me!) we just very brief window-shopped. 

The Kim Lian Kee I know used to be  located in corner of  Petaling Street junction.   I think people of my generation would definitely be able to associate their dating with this place.    After a cinema show (ie maybe nearby Rex cinema -again no more), most couples would go for "siew-yeh" (supper) here  or may be after late nights discos!

Now they  have branch  into shopping malls everywhere. There are various newspapers cutting of celebrities and chefs  adorning the walls.

Cantonese Fry - loves the still crispy meehoon before they soaked up the smooth tasting sauce.  Though I find that the squids a bit minute and chewy. 

The signature dish of Hokkien Fried Mee served on top of a piece of banana leaf with bits of lard- dark,  glistening  and totally addictive! 

We also ordered a plate of lettuce and a bowl of dumplings soup.  The portions are just enough for 2 persons and the total bill came up to RM37 plus. Service was attentive and quick.  You can sneak a peek at the chefs at work too as the kitchen is in the center of the shoplot!

Have a good weekend.


  1. I always thinking to join this pink ribbon function ,could you tell me how to join?

    1. That's good. You can contact the Breast Cancer Awareness - Tel:03-79549015. They will let you know of the other activities for this month.