Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A dog's kennel is better than the Emperor's bed.

I hope most of you got the meaning above. Its my direct translation of a Chinese proverb.

Finally, I have completed my planned itinerary for the past two weeks.

My son had gone back to Melbourne on the day, I left for Guangzhou with my sisters. Actually, I have purposely planned it so that I don't have to say goodbye to him. I hate goodbyes.

The trip to Taiwan with him and my daughter and sister was very enjoyable. Taiwan's slogan- touch your heart- has really touched my heart. There are still many parts of Taiwan awaiting for me to explore though! I will be updating the trip soon.

The trip to Guangzhou was nostalgic and emotional. We visited Tai Sun- the village where my late father grew up. I was able to see and touch the place where my late grandmother/father had lived. The main purpose was to see my Ku-cheh- (father's sister)- her health has deteriorated since the last visit a year ago.

So do drop by for the updates -coming soon.

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