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DAY 2 TAIWAN TRIP 5/4/2012

Day 2 Taiwan Trip

We had a good night rest.  The hotel offered complimentary buffet breakfast too.   The cafe is located at the basement level.   They really served a good array of foods.

There are many condiments for the plain porrdige- tasty tidbits of pickled vegetables, kimchi, seaweeds  etc.

There are also salads and fresh fruits. May choosed this fresh cactus leaf.   It taste bland and more like aloe vera.

 My take of the condiments for the porridge.
There is also fried rice plus a variety of vegetables.  I think you can also considered breakfast and lunch together. Very good selections here.

This is Black Pepper Beansprouts- crunchy and spicy

Steamed fish fillets with meat sauce.

Delicious clear Clams broth -comforting and warm for the rainy weather ahead of us.
There was quite a huge crowd of tourist staying at this hotel.  The staff were very efficient and handle the situation very well.

Our itinerary for today was to visit YEHLIU GEOPARK.
We walk from our hotel (only around 5-10 minutes) to the Jiantan MRT Station and took the train to Taipei Main MRT Station- interchange to blue line to Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT station. Come out of the Exit and walk left to the bus stop.   It started to drizzle as we were waiting for the bus.  We took the Bus No. 1815 (which bounds for Jinshan Youth Activity Centre) to Yehliu Geopark.

Waiting at the bus stop.  The building behind us though vacant were planted with flowering plants.  There was a Taiwan Floral Fair recently.

The weather was just cool for us, but we were bundled up as we were going to the seaside.
The bus ride took almost an hour. You have to inform the bus driver where you are going and he will let you know the destination.  We have to walk to the park - around 15-20 minutes (in the rain) past a fishing village.
 There were plenty of small shops/restaurant along the road too.
There is also a chinese temple along the road.  I noticed that there seem to be a chinese temple along every street.  May as usual went up and pray for our safety .

Finally we reached the Visitor's Centre. The center is very well equiped with audiovisual room and tour guide and brochure. By now May's shoes were all wet through- poor thing- very uncomfortable for her. 

A short synopsis on the rock formation due to  marine erosion, weathering and earth movements.

There is a park along the walk where they have created a miniature of the Queen's Head Rock as there is a likelihood that the Queen's Head Rock may break down in a few years time - the neck of the rock is thining.
Most tourist would take a photo but we prefer this little cutie cartoon. 
 We walked along the broadwalk and just as you turn a corner, this beautiful sight greets you.Wow!
Awesome view.
Fantastic rock formation.
Behind May are the "Mushroom Rocks. 

The Queen's Head Rock- which everyone wanted to take a photo. There is a staff in charge here- making sure everyone queue up and then he will tell you to stand at the exact white spot in order to get a perfect silhouette in the background. I noticed that the Taiwanese are very orderly people- queue everywhere and patient on the road too.

Is this the "Lover's Rock"?

"Polo Bun" Rock - the top suppose to resemble the "polo pau".

Last look at the sea before we left the place.   It  had started to rain rather heavily by now. 
We went for lunch at one the shop/restaurant outside.   The shop does not look appetising enough from the outside, as the kitchen is place in front of the restaurant instead of the back, but the food is fresh and hot. 
 Fresh oysters omelette -very tasty and fresh large oysters.

Plain rice served with slow braised meat sauce.  This is typical Taiwanese rice- May got scared eating so much meat, but in the end we persuaded her to try everything. 

 Deep fried fish fillet - I think its called "mang yu" very delicate flesh but lots of fine bones which caught Jeremy by surprised. 
To complement this tasty meal, we of course had to order the Taiwan beer. Very mild and not bitter at all.

After lunch, we made our way out to the bus stop and took the bus back to Taipei Main MRT station.
Actually the ticketing lady at Yehliu Geopark (yes there is an admission fees of just NTD50 per pax) told us that we can go to Juifen from here as it is nearby and they offered us a cheaper rate too if we were to take their bus. This could be a good idea- Yehliu Geopark in the morning and then Juifen in the afternoon. However we did not take up her offer as we had planned to go there tomorrow.

Instead on the way back, we got off the bus around the SUN YAT SEN MEMORIAL HALL. 

 It was still raining and we found it funny that he is sitting in the rain.

He is also seated in the huge hall. Entrance to this place is free. 

There are 2 guards standing on duty and every hour there is a changing of guards. Wonderful display lasting around 10 minutes.
 We walked from SYS Memorial Hall to TAIPEI 101.  Before we go up the observatory, its time to recharge our energy and a nice cuppa of coffee to warm us.

Iconic TAIPEI 101
The Taipei 101

View from the 89th Floor. There is audio guide that you can listen to as you walk around the observatory.  It explain to you the different locations.

Walking down to the 88th Floor .

May at the 88th Floor viewing the damper- this object helps to stablise the whole building- wonderful

Sarah with the miniature damper.
Sarah had a friend studying in one of Taiwan University and she had arranged to met up with her.  Jeremy of course had to accompany her. So we parted ways and I went with May to the Shilin Night Market.
We took the MRT from Taipei Main station to Shilin MRT Station which in fact is just one station before the Jiantan station. The Shilin Night Market is so huge- it stretches over a few streets and at the end of night, we found we have reach Jiantan MRT station without realising it.

May and myself went for Beef Noodles soup.   Of course, I tried the beef noodles and May took plain noodles accompanies with this plate of cold seaweed and the plate of braised taufoo.

Slices of beef - very tender, noddles very like the pan mee, soup clear and flavourful.
There are the various types of street foods available as well.

Hot "oven" for baking the "onion biscuits".

White bittergourd drink

Massage with chopping knives!

There are also stalls selling clothings, toys, hair accessories etc.

We walked back to the hotel from the station.  Along the way, we bought some guavas and mandarin oranges which were very sweet and juicy. 

We then indulged in our jacuzzi to soak away the coldness and to relax our body. 
Wonderful end of the day.  

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