Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The early bird gets the worm

It is not the worm that I got but the most wonderful breakfast yesterday morning.
As it was school holidays there were hardly any traffic jam and hence the reason that I can reached my office so early morning.

This was the only restaurant opened at that hour and there were a few patrons waiting to be served!

A wide array of cookies available at the counter.

And the most colourful candies as well.
Soon they began serving the people- thosai on banana leaf! What a wonderful sight and tantalising aroma!

The smell of banana leaf and warm idli made me salivate and intensified my hunger.

There were tiny bits of vegetables in the dhal curry as well and thick coconut chutney was delicious.

The combination of the warm idli, dhal curry and coconut chutney - what more could I ask. This is the best Indian breakfast I have tasted.

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