Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This is an update of my trip to Hongkong on 9/2/2012. I have been to Hongkong what seems like 20-30 years ago and I was looking forward to this trip. Besides I am going with both my daughters and we did have a great time.

On flight with Sarah. After a harrowing morning, we managed to reach LCCT airport in good time and also to have our brunch at the Old Town White Coffee before boarding.

Definitely good weather for travel. Flight was uneventful.
We arrived on time and were met by our guide to transfer to the hotel.

On the way towards our hotel. This is the shipyard/harbour at night. Was told by the guide who meet us that the shipyard mainly operate at night, so that there is no traffic jam and besides the fresh produce will reach the people early next morning.

Our hotel room- SILKA SEAVIEW HOTEL (formerly Dorsett Hotel)in Yau Mah Tei. We requested for a triple share room and were left with hardly any space to walk. I knew that space is limited in Hongkong and this certainly confirm it. There is no closet and we have to climb on the bed to hang our clothes at the shelf above the bed! (not in the picture but somewhere behind Sarah)

The mini toilet/shower - so small that Sarah said she dare move around for the fear of breaking anything- haha.
After refreshing ourselves, we went looking for dinner. Our hotel is just located next to the famous Temple Street! There is a night market which sells the usual stuff like our Petaling Street.

We strolled along the street and saw many families having their dinner along this shop.

Sang Kee Claypot Rice.

So we sat down at the table and placed our orders. The man immedialy placed the utensils for eating were placed down before us. So, we started to pour the tea into our glasses.

Then .....we saw and realised that we are to "rinse" the glasses and bowls with the same tea first!

What a laugh! But the man assured us that the tea is both for drinking and for rinsing- no worry.

Deep fried Oyster Omelette- very crispy outside and inside the soft oysters. Different from our "orh chien" !

Later as we walked down the street, saw this lady deep frying the oyster omelettes.

As we were not sure how big the portion would be, we ordered 2 claypots- one Sliced Beef and another Chicken and Spareribs.

The Beef claypot comes with an raw egg and you crack it over the steaming hot rice- yummylicious- slices of beef very tender.

The aromatic Chicken and Spareribs claypot was equally very tasteful with a hint of rice wine.
We even dug into the burnt rice at the bottom of the claypot

Another very popular Claypot Rice stall- this one has long queue from one roadside and breaking off onto the other side of the road! Its called something "Four Seasons" in chinese. We did not get to taste this.

As we wandered along the back lanes there are stalls selling beef/pork offals, "trolley" mee and street snacks like above. The reddish stick is large pork intestines.

Looking pathetic after frying. It has a chewy texture.

Esther chosed this giant sausage.

We got our hands on some "Kai Tan Chai" (mini egg waffle).

These soothsayers' booths line both sides of the road and when you see a long queue sitting in front of a particular booth, you know that's the one whose predictions must have been good.

One outstanding feature that I like about these Hongkong people, they queue everywhere everytime. Hope one day I can say the same for our people.

The karoake singers along Temple street- just like the TVB dramas.

As it was getting late and chilly, we decided to revert to our hotel for a hot bath and warm beds.

We could not resist a last stop- Desserts at the Hui Lo Shan Desserts. They have branches on almost everystreet and this particular one is just opposite our hotel. We shared a bowl of their popular Mango Sago and Pomelo. I dont fancy the coconut flavour which seems to come from a can.

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