Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today, its tour of Guangzhou city itself. We had been here before but the previous time, we visited the ancient tourist attraction eg the Chan Clan Museum and the Bai Yue Garden etc. But this time, we were taken to view the latest addition in Guangzhou since the Asian Game. I think they are very proud of being the host for the Asian Games and the effort they have put in.

Our first stop was to the Science Center. It is located in the vicinity of the Guangzhou University.

Lots of Panda welcoming us.

The Museum -very interesting exhibitions going on. One of them on inkstone.

Inkstone is one of the 4 treasures of the Chinese literary/study world- the other 3 being the brush, paper and ink/inkstick.
This is one of the famous purple inkstone which was used by the Emperor.

Next stop is the Asian Games Stadium. This stadium is on an island.

Entrance of the stadium.
Behind is the stadium and the seats.

The sails and the boat. In front you can see the swimming pool (brown colour). It is empty now but at the switch of a button the water will flow in and out from the Pearl River.

We went into the stadium and sat down at the seats just to get a feel of the moments at the Games.

After lunch, we went up the Canton Tower (in chinese they call it "Siew Man Yew") (small waist)
The tower is encased within the steel rods and not totally enclosed by them so that the winds can pass through. It is able to withstand earthquake as well as typhoon. There is a water tank in the middle to balance the movement/tilting.

Its 108 floors up

Sticking to the solid ground. I was too scare to stand out on the glass floor that juts out from this floor.

Gotcha- this is only a 3-D effect

Our last stop was to the renovated ancient village of Li Chee Wan.

The facade of these houses have been refurbished by the Government. Mostly are shops now.

The river cruise along Li Chi Wan -
There is platform for Chinese opera along the river as well. This is for the community here.

After wandering around the park, it is time to say goodbye to our guide and the tour ended here.

We had dinner at the 6th Floor of the Lido Hotel in Beijing Road. The outside of this restaurant is not impressive but the food here very good.

Quail - they costs only RMB 4 each.

Sticky caramelised pork ribs

Blanched fresh prawns

Scallop with minced garlic

steamed "Wan Cheong" Chicken with salad of peanuts, black fungus

Seaweed soup

Pork balls and oyster mushrooms in milky soup

I think this is limpets- type of abalone?

This is the shell- there are 9 holes in each shell.

Fried Milk-

crispy skin and smooth and custardy inside

Hakka Taufoo - stuffed with minced meat.

Claypot eels

Cold platter of roasted meats including some smoked fish

the smoked fish

Finale- Fried Rice in omelette. There are actually around 20 dishes including the dim sums.

Desserts- Ginger Jelly- strong ginger taste but sweet

Milk tarts

"Polo" Buns

There were much toasting and the farewells were said at the end of the dinner.

I felt a bit sad as they have taken so much trouble and care to ensure that we had a good time here- not forgetting their precious gifts for us to take home. It has been a most memorable and unforgetable trip. Ku Che and her family will always be in our thoughts.

All I can say is a Big Thank You for all that you have done and till we meet again- take care and God Bless you all.

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