Thursday, July 11, 2019



Sago pudding with   "birdnest" 
When you visit the GK organic farm  you can purchase whatever vegetables that are in season from them.  During our trip, besides the sweet potatoes, winter-melon was in season then.  And having tasted their dessert of Chilled Grated winter-melon, I bough home half a winter melon.  Besides just making soup (commonly sweet with barley or savoury with pork ribs) here is  another fun way to eat wintermelon.  

This is my rendition of the chilled dessert.  Sago pudding coloured with the bluepea flowers but the sago were a bit undercooked this time as there are still bits of white.  Chill the sago pudding till set. 

Meanwhile grate the winter-melon and set aside.  Boil some rock sugar syrup.  Add the wintermelon and simmer till cooked.  Set aside to cool in the fridge. 

Serve well chilled...perfect for a hot day.  

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