Friday, September 7, 2018



The white limestone mountains contrasting with the sunny blue sky as we travelled along the highway.  

One of the over 100 years old tree and you should be able to guess where this place. 
We departed punctually at  8 am sharp and reached Taiping around lunchtime, making a few toilet stops along the way.  The weather was just too hot to stroll around  the Taiping Lake Gardens- so missed  taking photos of those old trees. 

Durian Party @ Taiping Food Court. 

This special treat given by Ms Theresa, our beautiful organiser for the trip. 

my brother tucking in....

The Three Sisters @ Bukit Larut.

Bukit Larut aka Maxwell Hill.
Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) 12
Disappointing that we were unable to go up the hilltop.   We were informed that only 60 vehicles (4-wheel drive) are allow to up per day.... how lucky!!! 

The Coronation Swimming Pool  was first public swimming pool built in 1870.  

the King Edward VII school built in 1883 and not only was the building more than 100 years old, it seems that the gate (1908) and the rain trees in the compound were too.

another "oldies" ... Antong Coffee Mill.

Yes, showing off her skill as she has been making/selling  coffee for more than 30 years.

bags of the unroasted coffee beans...

you know what is used to make black coffee.... yes sugar and bags of them around the factory which was just located beside the show house. 

we can see the "factory"  but not allowed to go in... its a hot furnace 

wood used to roast the coffee beans... 

relaxing while the ladies all go on a shopping spree here. Up the stairs beside them is the entrance to the house where Dr. Sun Yat Sun stayed when he was in Taiping.  

the swallow houses beside the coffee mill..

Next on was the visit to the Charcoal factory... it was near to their closing time. 

unloading the logs which actually weigh very heavy but to these workers it seemed to be effortless work! admired their strength!  

first the logs are placed inside the kiln..

the kiln is then partially closed and a high fire(heat) is applied to burn(bake) the logs 

next the kiln is further closed (smaller hole in front) and heat is low.  
After the charcoal factory, we return back to Ipoh for our dinner and then it was time to check into the Mu Hotel (formerly Ibis hotel).. I always like Ibis Hotel especially their beds!) Clean and minimalist and good breakfast too.   

My brother-in-law in front of the Railway Station.

Suppertime at the "Tong Sui" Lane...

This was supposed to be Iced Bubur cha-cha.. 

This was very good.... Chinese Egg Tea 

the signage to the rooftop of the hotel..

Night view of Ipoh city centre from rooftop 

nice to relax and enjoyed the cool breeze..

yes he can sleep here..hahaha


  1. Wow! I am surprised that Dr. Sun Yat Sun lived in Taiping besides Penang.

  2. It was a surprise indeed... very little publicity on this.