Monday, April 24, 2017



First to Grandpa's brother preparing the altar for prayers. 
The yearly picnic took place on a Sunday a week before the actual date for the Tomb-sweeping festival ie 4th of April this year.  

While the ladies were getting ready the altar for prayers and offerings, the men were chatting under the shade.  Nowadays, it is not necessary for them to do much tomb sweeping as the area had been cleared of weeds by the cemetery association.

Grandma's tomb at the Kwang Tung Cemetery.   Vast improvement since the brothers have re-built the tombstone, no more flooding and muddy space, all clean and bright now. 
Next we visited our parents, both urns placed in the Kwang Tung pagoda.  The pagoda is currently under renovations and they have built a bigger space for offering and prayers. We also took the opportunity to visit my late sister Jennifer's resting place too and usual it was a solemn time for all of us, missing her....

That wraps up our outing and we made our way to the New Sek Yuen Restaurant for lunch,  and we were just in time before they closed for lunch. 

The hot weather made us all sweaty and tired so we ordered some fried noddles, green veggie and a roasted Pipa duck.  While we were having lunch, it started to rain and the staff very kindly allowed us to wait  out the storm while they closed and took their rest. 


  1. Many people are not aware that it is advisable to eat the food that has been offered after prayers for the deceased. Some who are aware would cook extra to be eaten by the living families.

    1. the only thing we eat on the spot was the Huat-Go. But the food were shared out to be taken home and my brother and sister-inlaw prepared food separately for each place.. no using same food.

  2. Hi Elaine, now adays the cemetery associations engage workers to clean up the place few days before the all soul day, its so much easier for us. Unlike long ago I remember the lalang are 3 to 5 feet high and wasted so much time pulling the weeds.
    Many treat all soul day as family yearly picnic day. :))

    Best regards,

    1. Yes better organised but they collect money from us!
      Yes, we used to do weeding as well as to get rid of the flooded water too!

  3. A day where family members get together for a yearly picnic at the park! Have a wonderful day!