Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Little Red Riding Hood.... 100 days old 

"I am attending a wedding".

"anything to satisfy my hunger"

Three months old Alexa

One month old Alexa

Face to Face at last....

 happy Alexa

tummy time... she cannot flip over by herself yet.
This is like training and exercise time for her. When her head start to dip down, its time to turn her over. Definitely new methology new....can't remember doing this for my  own kids.

Never too young to start ....

Happy coffee, happy face, 

happy flight to Sydney.... the Four Sisters travelling..
Its only a short flight about 1 hour plus, enough time for us to finish our lunch on board and we were ready for landing.  Sydney airport unlike Melbourne airport,  is near to the city but we were caught in a bit of traffic congestion as it was lunchtime. 

The serviced apartment where we stayed in Sydney..

Meriton Serviced Apartment on Pitts Street. It is located near to the Darling Harbour and Opera House and very convenient to restaurants and tourist places.  They provide room service as there is a sushi cafe and cupcake cafe next door.

the YMCA is also next door
I was not staying with them for the first day. After they had checked in, Jeremy took me to take the train back to his house.
Look how clean the train and its a double deck train too.

Changed out of his corporate suit  and taking his turn to baby feed while Eunice prepare for dinner. 

Eunice busy with the dinner...

Look at all the wonderful  dishes she had prepared, can you guess what's for dinner?

I really really don't know how she did it, must learn from her, the perfectly cooked fried eggs!

Ready, create your own bowl..... yes Bibimbap, my favourite..

Seaweed in a sesame seed broth... totally heavenly delicious

Thank you very much for the delectable homecooked meal..

So cute....a pair Van's baby shoes

baby clothings from his clients.


Today the aunties are coming to visit baby Alexa.

walking from train station. This neighbourhood is good as it has its own hospital, library, schools, chinese shops and even a big Westfield shopping mall including Coles. 

It's lunchtime -prepared by Eunice again.

Jeremy demonstrate how to wrap the grilled beef with sesame leaves.

Spicy tofu and prawns soup. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon around the shopping mall.

Jeremy in the kitchen... preparing dinner  for the aunties

Aromatic and flavourful Beef Bourguignon after 4 hours of slow braising..

suck up the bone marrow first before digging into the beef and spaghetti..

A hug from Aunty Vicky

You passed Aunty May's (midwife in action) examination.... all good and healthy 

Of course Aunty Yoke was happy to sing to you all our childhood rhymes.

After dinner, it time to leave and say  goodbye with Alexa for the time being. 


  1. Alexa is so cute and adorable. And she is always ready with a smile.

  2. The baby is so cute and happy with smiles!
    I am glad that 4 sisters are so loving and could travel together anywhere. Me and my siblings are not that easy to even sit together on a dining table. We only have diplomatic small talks and I always make my brother walk on egg shells. Muahahaha ~evil grins~

    1. LOL we have our share of fighting too but soon forgive and forget!