Monday, March 21, 2016


Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery @ Yarra Glen..  

Quiet comtemplation before the day get  busy. 

 I and my niece had arrived Melbourne yesterday around 9.00 pm but we did not get to sleep till the early hours.  We had a rather eventful start of  our holiday.  My sisters and nephew Kit were at the airport to pick us up.  So we split the transport.  My niece was happy to connect with her brother while we sisters were also happy to meet up. We were almost home when we received a call from my niece that Kit's car had stopped along the main road before reaching his house!!  We detoured immediately to pick her up and poor  Kit together with his mother waited  by the roadside till the repair man arrived after past 1 am.

Breakfast in the house.... Deep fried Nian-go with yam and sweet potato prepared by May.

Baby Audrey.... my grand niece...I am "gu-poh" 

My sister May had planned our itinerary for us.  Our first stop to see Kit's baby Audrey and wife Hyejung. 

Audrey is only 4 days younger than Alexa....

We enjoyed our morning with them before leaving for our lunch nearby instead of going to Springvale for Pho'.

Hot tea and cold oranges while waiting..

clear soup but noddles a bit on the thick side.. loved the tripe (the white ones)

rice rolls...

big plate of crunchy beansprouts and freshest basil leaves!

Our next stop... dessert time...
Cannot resist taking a big bite......... 

Yes, free tasting to your heart's content!!! My favourite.... the dark one of course...

You name it, they have it.... 

Looking forward to Easter..

a peek at their pristine clean  kitchen... chocolatiers are work.. 

who can resist these? 

chocolate sauces for your ice-cream....

more chocolate pastries.... 

you can sit outside and glaze at the clear blue sky...but I tell you it was very very hot..... 

So we preferred to sit in the air-con to enjoy gelatos  

We stopped by the new block of Eastland Shopping Mall before heading home to pack for our weekend trip to the Ghost Town.....  


  1. You just shared so many lovely and yummy photos! Hope you will have the happiest time with your sisters. Happy holidays too.

  2. Oh yes... the chocolates were great! thanks

  3. Mentioning about gu-poh, my aunt was mentioning before, sound very old when she heard my cousin telling the kids to call my aunty gu poh...

    1. LOL, yes at first we also have the same feeling but getting use to it now as my nieces and nephews are getting settled now.

  4. Hello Elaine. This is one place I would love to go and try all the different types of chocolates!

    1. the big bowls of white, milk and dark chocolates are free but I love the dark ones most.

  5. That's a lot of chocolate to venture, great for cake baking too..I was told that the dark one with less sugar is the best chocolate.