Thursday, March 13, 2014



Here are more photos from the Gardens...for me its truly a wonderful place to enjoy....

Imitating the professionals..... only using handphone though!

a last lingering view of Marina Sands..

Dinner was not included in the trip and the guide took us the Chinatown Park complex for our meals. 

the Tourist Information Center 

The Buddhist Temple in the Chinatown featuring the architectural style of the Tang  Dynasty. We were unable to visit as it was already closed.  

This stall displayed a Certificate and the queue was very long here.  Guess the  food must be good- fried meehoon, chee cheong fun, yam Cake and porridge and also the dumplings!  I bought some dumpling back and they are very good indeed especially the green beans dumpling!  

After dinner we were taken to the Hotel Fragrance to check in and hence ended Day 1.
Hotel was a budget hotel, very basic amenities but clean.  
Thanks to my friend we had a good night sleep..... she is a frequent traveller and had her own set of rules when entering a hotel room to ensure a good night sleep....LOL! A good tip she gave me... always bring along some kaffir lime leaves and the lime itself. Anyway this aromatic herb did perfumed the room and helped to relax us.    

Next morning, breakfast was also on our own expenses and the bus took us to the Bugis Junction Food Court.    

Walked around by the Guanyin Temple. 

Next stop - Sentosa Island- Resort World Casino.
We were given 2 hours to either gamble, shop or visit the Universal Studio (is it possible?) around here as we were to leave for KL after this. 

As I have been to the Universal Studio before, I just walked around.

Then I decided to take the Monorail over to the Vivo Shopping complex..

View along the ride.

And I bought this home from Tang's.....

Happy Call Pan.... have seen some posts on this pan and can't wait to try it out soon. 

Took the monorail back and met up with the rest of the company.  
We left for KL  and on the way back, we stopped at Yong Peng - to YoYo Biscuit Factory and some of the ladies also went for  some fishball soup.   We finally reached KL around 8.00pm.  
This trip has been interesting (at the casinos);  relaxing (by the Gardens)  and fun (with the ladies in the bus)!

Have a great weekend .