Thursday, April 11, 2013


We walked back to Flinder's Train Station and May took me to  this Walker's Doughnuts located at the busy corner.

May bought some for our  teatime.
The doughnuts here maybe good but the service is bad.

I told May that I wanted to see Chloe. She did not have a clue what or whom I was talking about. Neither do I, just read about her  and really had no idea where to look for her.   

We went round and round the Flinder's Train Station and had almost wanted to give up (its was hot and we were feeling tired)  when we finally saw this sign! Reminded ourselves that we must keep look upwards- lah!

Young & Jackson Hotel listed on the Victoria Heritage Register- another great iconic building.

The hotel was opened in 1861 as The Princes Bridge Hotel.   It was renamed Young and Jackson- afer the Irish diggers Henry Yong and Thomas Jackson who bought over in 1875.

Chloe's Room on the first floor.

A short history over Chloe.
Jules Josephe Lefebvre - the French artist

A young Parisian artist modal named Marie was immortalised as Chloe. The painting was taken off the walls of the  National Gallery of Victoria after 3 weeks in 1883 due to the uproar/protest created by the public. I guess this type of painting was definitely not acceptable for public viewing in the 18th-19th century.   It was then bought by  the Young and Jackson Hotel in 1908 and she had lived here ever since.     

She was about 19 years old at the time of the painting. Very little known about her except that about 2 years later, she committed suicide by drinking poison. 

Many tourists took the opportunity to view Chloe  and at the same time can rest their weary feet here at the bar.  There are comfortable couches where you can sit and watch the scenes below and have some fine wine, Australian crafted beers and ciders as well as pub fare.

If you are here the next time, do drop by their Rooftop Cider Bar where you can find a wide  range of Australian ciders on the tap- cold and refreshing in summer and warm and mulled in winter!

On the way home, May drove to this Orchard farm.

Phillippa's bread - but out of stock at time of visit.

The vast interior of the Orchard farm- cheap and fresh fruits.
The view of the Orchard
Cling peaches and nectarines - very sweet and fresh and BIG and cheap.

My purchases from  the Orchard Farm.

After the short buying spree, we headed home and had a good bath and rest (and to eat the peaches!)

My nephew,  Wai Kit had invited us to his apartment for dinner tonight. 
Both Wai Kit and Hyejung are staying at an apartment unit just behind  the Mitcham Train Station. 
They have just moved in but  they have already put their individuality around the place, they called "home" now.   I am glad that both of them are taking this step to build their lives together and may God Bless them always. 

Hyejung had so aptly  prepared Cold Soba Noddles for us- which was just prefect for the hot weather.   The broth was mildly spicy with just the refreshing touch to whet our appetite in this hot weather.  

Her choice of banchan- and all of them from her parents in Korea!  This is the frist time, that I tasted these leaves with sesame oil and sesame seeds and they were very unique,  so was the black beans! I really don't know all their names but they were all delicious and appetising! Hyejung told me that each family in Korea make their own special banchan, so you may not find the same banchan with the exception of kimchi but then again each family also make their kimchi differently. How great is that!

Happy couple with a equally happy aunty!.

Good to see that both of them proudly and happily working together to keep their home  spick and span.

The view from the balcony - the train station is in front (not directly), very convenient for both of them but as he said just had to get use to the noise of the arriving/departing trains! But at least the train stations here are clean and no hawkers and the people just come and disappeared so quickly - hardly any noise pollution from human beings!


  1. I like peach, but here the peach not cheap...

  2. That's true. We had them as snacks inbetween our meals too!