Monday, July 16, 2012


We did it!
We- being all the 2000 over participants, both young and old,  in a  largest  Yoga practice at the same time.

Did what- entered The Malaysia Book of Records- this event marked the largest participation in a Yoga Session.

The Yoga For Life event that took place on 15/7/2012 (Sunday) was orgnised by Great Eastern Life Assurance  at The Strand, Kota Damansara. The proceeds for events goes towards the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA)  and being a new member of this association as well as a Yoga instructor, I wanted to contribute and  immediately signed up as a Yoga Facilitator for the event.

Registering ourselves before the briefing. We were given free T-shirts and a notebook designed by Ms. Melinda Looi.

We had our briefing at the Great Eastern Mall on 14/7/2012.  We were told that this is first time that such a large Yoga session will be held and first time for Great Easter Life to organise this "live" programme.  The company wanted to do more for the masses besides the usual health screening and one of the ways is to promote healthy living, to get people to get  live better and longer!  There will be hosting another event in November - Live Great Run - so do look out for this. 

The lovely and cheerful Ms. Shiao Fong

We were taken through the sequences of the programme for tomorrow by the lovely and cheerful Ms Shiao Fong.  She also briefed us of our duty to look out for any mishaps or accidents.  

We also get to meet the Yogis from True Fitness who will be leading the yoga session and they graciously gave all the facilitators a demonstration of what they will be sharing.

"Smile you are on candid camera!"
Sunday dawn - not so bright, in fact there was a small drizzle on the way to BCWA, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya.  My friend and I had decided to get a lift from them to The Strand as both of us were not sure of the way.  It was so nice to meet some of the members. All of them were so cheerful and jovial and most of them are cancer survivors. They were setting up a booth at the venue - to promote the awareness of  breast cancer and early detection as well as sale of their merchandise.  

There were already a large crowd of participants registering themselves.  We got our goodies bag as well as  a packed breakfast.

The minute we arrived, the members quickly set up the booth and straightaway, we had some customers. Later the booth  also helped to sell the t-shirts for the day.
My designated area - facilitators were placed among the participants.  

Sea of Pink- waiting patiently for the event to start.

Pink Ribbon, colour pink is associated with the Breast Cancer Awareness. It is nice to see the men in pink too!

The DJs for the day were MYFM's Wan Wai Fun and MIXFM's JD and Dilly. They certainly liven up the occasion.  There were some contests - including saying the word Yoga for Life and holding it for the longest time; holding a yoga pose for the longest time.

 Petite and lovely Wan Wai Fun
Finally after the speeches by the Director and CEO of Great Eastern and also Ms. Ranjit Kaur, the CEO of BCWA, we were ready to start.

First the warm-up exercises

A few of the basic poses.

All too soon the Yoga session ended and it only  lasted  around 45 minutes. 

 My friends, also yoga instructors

Ms Ranjit Kaur CEO of BCWA

The final figure that goes towards the BCWA

Certificate of Participation.  Oh what's in the goodies bag- towels from Great Easter and some discount vouchers from the other sponsors.

It has been a great day - great sense of fulfillment that at least I had contributed (only a very very small part) towards something that might change the lives of more people. 
Great day - because the event has been successfully entered into the Malaysia Book of Records.
Great day - as I can see Yoga has been accepted as a very good form of exercise regardless of age and colour - as seen by our muslim participants too - in fact the very first participants that registered 0001 for the event is a malay lady! (shy- mine was 0669).
Great day - because of the generosity shown by the participants towards the BCWA.
Most important - Be active and alive.  Go find a Yoga class.

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